Obama Tells Bush: No Iran War Authorization

During a "major policy speech" on Wednesday, Sen. Barack Obama delivered a clear message to president Bush: You do not have a green light from Congress to engage in a new war with Iran.

Yet Another Excuse For War With Iran

Each day seems to bring another excuse Bush can use to justify his forthcoming war with Iran. Today comes news of Iran firing shells into Iraq. That's an actual, honest to God, act of war.

Massive Attack On Iran Prepared

According to a recent study, the United States has prepared a massive assault on targets in Iran of both a nuclear and non-nuclear nature.

Pentagon Sells Aircraft Parts Only Iran Could Use

This past February, despite orders to the contrary, the Pentagon sold over 1,400 F-14 parts at public sale as part of their surplus program. The only military in the world to use those planes is Iran.

Arab League Seeks Peace With Israel

Leaders from Egypt and Jordan are in Israel today to present a peace plan on behalf of the Arab League.

Iran Two-Three Years From Bomb

According to the former head of Israel's Military Intelligence Research Division, Iran is "very close" to being able to enrich Uranium at an industrial level which would give them enough bomb material in 2-3 years.

U.S. Insinuating Iran-al Qaeda Link

Despite Iran's efforts to assist the U.S. in apprehending and detaining members of al Qaeda after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the U.S. is now trying to connect the Iranian government to al Qaeda.

Two-Thirds Of Voters Believe Iraq War Creating Terrorists

A recent poll conducted by the Aspen Institute documents just how far off course American voters believe the country to be including the 2/3 who believe that the war in Iraq is producing, not stopping, terrorists.

Lieberman Says Iran Has Declared War

Independent Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman has issued a statement saying that he believes that Iran has declared war on the U.S. He cites a report from the American Forces Press Service regarding Iran's involvement in the Iraqi insurgency as his justification.

Iran and Venezuela Ally Against U.S.

Citing continued threats from the U.S., Iranian president, Mahmoud ahmadinejad and Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez met Monday before reports to lay the cornerstone of a joint petrochemical plant and an alliance.

Some Iraqi Insurgents Actually Iranian Military

The Sun in the UK is reporting that elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard have been seen entering Iraq and are believed responsible for bombings that have killed some British soldiers.

U.S. Arming Iraqi Insurgents

The U.S. military has acknowledged it's riskiest plan yet to bring peace to Iraq. They are arming Sunni insurgents who promise to use the weapons to fight Al Qaeda elements in Iraq.

Lieberman Calls For Attacks On Iran

Republicrat Joe Lieberman is calling for the U.S. to consider retaliation against Iran for the killing of U.S. soldiers in Iraq. He believes there is ample evidence of Iranian involvement in the killings and suggests we should retaliate.

Iran Arming Taliban Fighters

Further evidence has come to light that Iran is indeed fighting a proxy war against the United States and Britain in Afghanistan (and, no doubt, Iraq as well).

Iran Rejects U.N. Demands

Iran has formally rejected U.N. demands that it cease its enrichment activities. The world has been offering Iran incentives on the condition that Iran cease enrichment and sanctions if it does not.

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