Middle East

Arab League Seeks Peace With Israel

Leaders from Egypt and Jordan are in Israel today to present a peace plan on behalf of the Arab League.

Turkey May Become An Islamist State

Tomorrow's elections for a Turkish president could deliver Turkey into the hands of a party determined, although they claim otherwise, to bring about Islamist rule.

Saudis Largest Foreign Part Of Iraqi Insurgency

According to a source within the U.S. military and corroborated by Iraqi lawmakers, forty-five per cent of insurgents and suicide bombers are from Saudi Arabia, an "ally" of the United States in the region.

Peace Time Procurement No Way To Win A War

After the failure of several contractors to deliver badly needed equipment on time, the U.S. Military's procurement practices have been called into question by the Pentagon's Inspector General.

Five Years From An Oil Crisis?

With oil production increasing at the rate of 1% a year versus demand rising at more than 2% a year, it is estimated that a supply crunch will hit a critical mass within five years causing a significant jump in oil prices.

Gaza Economy Collapsing

With Hamas now in control of Gaza, Israel has cut off the main commercial border crossing limiting what crosses the border to food and medicine.

More Republicans Desert Iraq War

Rep John Doolittle and Sen. Pete Domenici have joined the growing ranks of Republicans fed up with the course of the war in Iraq.

Australia In Iraq For The Oil

It would appear that the United States is not the only member of the coalition in Iraq that is there for the oil. Australia's defense minister, Brendan Nelson, let it slip that Australia's motivation for continued involvement in Iraq is a result of a desire to maintain "resource security".

Lieberman Says Iran Has Declared War

Independent Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman has issued a statement saying that he believes that Iran has declared war on the U.S. He cites a report from the American Forces Press Service regarding Iran's involvement in the Iraqi insurgency as his justification.

Some Iraqi Insurgents Actually Iranian Military

The Sun in the UK is reporting that elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard have been seen entering Iraq and are believed responsible for bombings that have killed some British soldiers.

Afghanistan Has Record Opium Crop

Another tangible non-benefit of the War On Terror has been the dramatic rise in opium in Afghanistan. 2006 brought a record 6,700 tons of it, or 92 per cent of the world 7,300 tons total production. Much of this production is helping heroine supplant other drugs, like cannabis, as the drug of choice.

Carter Condemns Bush's and Olmert's Pledges Of Aid To Abbas Government

Following the Hamas take over of Gaza, U.S. president George W Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert have pledged to lift aid embargos and to provide other assistance to the Fatah government of Mahmoud Abbas which is being reconstituted in the West Bank. Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter has publicly denounced Bush's taking sides in the conflict saying that Hamas was properly elected to share power in the government.

Israel Strikes Gaza

It didn't take long after Hamas took over Gaza before Israel attacked. They conducted air strikes against suspected rocket launch sites in northern Gaza after a rocket landed in Israel.

Israel To Attack Gaza

Following the take-over of Gaza my Hamas militants, the Israeli government is preparing to send as much as 20,000 troops into Gaza to fight Hamas.

Democrats Plan More Iraq Hurdles

While admitting that the Democratic party promised more than it could deliver when it said it would end the war, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid went on to say that Democrats are working through a series of options to reign in the president on Iraq ahead of the September deadline for a crucial report on the progress of the war.

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