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This Reuters story details some last minute efforts by the Republicans in Congress to shove through their pet projects as unrelated attachments to a port security bill.

The only one that appears ready to stick will be a ban on Internet gambling. Here's the details of things they attempted to tack on:

  • A ban on Internet gambling
  • A privacy liability shield for telephone companies who give customer records to the administration.
  • A bill to tighten security at court houses and increase penalties for attacks on judges.

The Internet gambling ban was tacked on courtesy of Sen./Dr./Leader Bill Frist (R).

The attempt to tack on the telco protection was courtesy Sen. Ted "bridge to nowhere" Stevens (R).

The courthouse bill is unattributed in the article.

I have ranted about this before, and will continue to do so. These attempts to tack unrelated legislation to bills is an assault on democracy. People in power using bills no one would vote against to further their pet agendas is not appropriate.


According to this L.A .Times article the legislation was passed under cover of darkness and awaits the president's signature. Another banner day for the democratic process.

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