Justice Department Violent Crime Probe Coverage

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For anyone who missed the story, there has been a spike in violent crime; and, the Justice Department, under Attorney General Gonzales, has vowed to investigate. Kind of a non-story really, but it has gotten its share of column inches in the papers, enough so that it provides some interesting fodder for contrasting the writing styles of the iconic liberal and conservative media for bias.

First, the criticism from the left:

Washington Post: Some police officials have blamed the rise in crime on federal budget cuts. The Bush administration has cut grants for state and local crime-fighting programs on the grounds that they have outlived their usefulness or have underperformed.

Boston Globe: [Acting Boston Police Commissioner Albert] Goslin, who said he sat next to Gonzales during his speech, said he believes decreased funding for police departments has contributed to the increase in violence, particularly in Boston, where the city has had 58 homicides in 2006, two more than at this time last year. (Mayor Thomas M. Menino said last year that the elimination of federal funds for hiring officers resulted in nearly 300 fewer police in Boston in 2005 than in 2000.)

‘‘We do not have the federal funds that we used to have, and it has a direct correlation to the spike in crime and our ability to fight it,’’ Goslin said Monday.

And, the praise from the right:

FoxNews: Gonzales' speech was greeted by a standing ovation from the estimated 3,000 local and state police at the Boston convention.

NewsMax: In this election year, Congress has been trying to funnel more money toward domestic programs. For the current fiscal year, the House has approved $2.6 billion to help state and local law enforcement agencies fight crime, a $1.1 billion increase over Bush's request.

It is interesting how both sides pick and choose content to add their bias to the story. I do not believe any of these stories contain factual inaccuracies -- just hand-selected half-truths.