Will Efforts To Suppress Voter Turn Out Work For The GOP?

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According to a new report from the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, the Century Foundation, and Common Cause, there are more efforts underway to keep voters away from the polls on election day.

Some states have enacted criminal penalties and/or fines for submitting voter registrations that violate rules that are deliberately complicated. In Florida, any third party organization that submits registrations late is subject to fines. In Ohio, any technical violation of their registration laws is considered a felony.

Further ID restrictions are being added including the requirement to have photo identification (likely to alienate the poor who cannot afford cars and therefore do not have driver's licenses.) In the past, having your signature match your registration, or showing a utility bill used to suffice.

Arizona now requires proof of citizenship to vote. This led to 70% of registrations being rejected during a two-month period in Phoenix. Ohioans who suffered long waits because of an uneven distribution of voting machines can take heart that plans to remedy the situation will take effect in 2013.

Republicans claim these measures are needed to counter what they call "wide-spread" fraud. But during their efforts to contest the Washington State Gubernatorial election, they spent millions of dollars looking to reverse a 133 vote lead through voter fraud and they found an amazing five ballots cast by felons.

Oh, and if you have any confidence left that the electronic machines are better than paper, check this out. A how-to guide to stealing an election.


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