eVote And Vote Often

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Apparently, the Sequoia Touch Screen Voting Machines have a little yellow button which, if pressed, allows you to vote more than once.

"Just push the yellow button and you can vote as many times as you want," Tom Courbat, an Election Integrity advocate from Riverside County, California informed The BRAD BLOG tonight. Not that we're in any mood to report more such stories, but this seems to be a big one. A very big one.

It seems there's a little yellow button on the back of every touch-screen computer made by Sequoia Voting Systems, that allows any voter, or poll worker, or precinct inspector to set the system into "Manual Mode" allowing them to cast as many votes as they want.

I think some of the stories like this sound too far-fetched to be true, but until we have a transparent election system with an auditable paper trail, I'll repeat them here.


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