Federally Funded Anti-Abortion Efforts

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It seems the crusade against abortion goes beyond the courts for the Bush Administration. It has been alleged that the "Compassion Capital Fund", which is managed by the White House as part of their Faith-Based Initiatives program is responsible for some $30 million in funding so called "pregnancy resource centers."

These centers are alleged to be providing false and misleading information to women about abortion, particularly the risks:

Some center personnel suggested, contrary to scientific evidence, that abortion would lead to increased risk of suicide, cancer and psychological trauma.

That's not all this administration does to tie money to abortion. While they give money in the U.S. to the aforementioned centers, they withhold foreign aid to any international family planning group unless they agree to not offer abortions or abortion counseling.

Here's a quote on the effect the gag rule has had in Ethiopia alone:

Family-planning professionals say America's so-called global gag rule has cut supplies of donated contraceptives, forced clinics to close and even compromised screening and treatment of HIV. Also known as the Mexico City Policy, it stipulates that any foreign organization getting U.S. family planning money must agree in writing not to perform, counsel, refer or advocate for abortion services, even in rape or incest cases, and even with money from other sources.

When Ethiopia's largest independent provider of family-planning services, the Family Guidance Association, refused to sign the gag rule, said Amare Bedada, its executive director, his organization lost one of its two major suppliers of contraceptives, particularly the long-acting Norplant, which is in high demand in Ethiopia. It also lost a quarter of its funding from International Planned Parenthood Federation, which also had to forfeit money from the U.S. AID. The Family Guidance Association had to shut down outreach services in rural areas, leaving women to walk 30 miles or more.


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