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The Republicans need either Montana or Virginia to hold onto the Senate while the Democrats will need to take both. With that in mind, here's where we stand in those states at this moment:

D-Webb: 1,170,564
R-Allen: 1,162,717

That is a margin of 7,847 or .3%. Anything within .5% qualifies for a recount. To avoid a recount, Webb needs about 3,800 more. Allen would need to pick up about 19,500 to avoid a recount. There are still a few precincts in democratic areas as well as provisional ballots to count.

More on the counting from ABC News.

D-Tester: 194,914
R-Burns: 193,179

That is a margin of 1,735 or .4%. Anything within .25% qualifies for a recount. Between .25% and .5% and either candidate can pay for a recount. To get outside the .5% margin, Tester needs to pickup 206 votes. Burns would need 3676 to get outside the .5% margin on his side.

More on the counting from ABC News.

Here's a run down of the irregularity news from these two elections:

  • Voters in Virginia received threatening phone messages like this one: "This is the Virginia Elections Commission. We've determined you are registered in New York to vote. Therefore, you will not be allowed to cast your vote... If you do show up, you will be charged criminally." The recipient of that call was a democrat.
  • So-called "robo calls" harassed many voters with what appeared to be a democratic get out the vote message which got increasingly nasty about the democratic candidate the longer the person listened. If the receiver didn't listen long enough, the machine would keep calling back at regular intervals. People who received these calls either got the bad message about the democrat or assumed the democrat was harassing them.
  • "Yesterday, though, Virginia appeared to be the worst offender, following a bruising campaign between George Allen, the incumbent Republican Senator, and Jim Webb, his Democratic challenger. Peter Baumann, from Cape Charles, reported getting a call from a purported Webb volunteer telling him his polling location had changed. When he told the caller he was a poll worker and knew perfectly well where he was voting, she hung up. Buckingham County, which is heavily African American, was flooded in fliers that read: " Skip This Election" in large bold-face letters."
  • Not all problems were republican in origin. Get out the vote door hangers in Maymont, VA, placed by democrats, pointed people to the wrong polling place. They claim it is was a mistake.
  • Voters in Montana received calls reminding them that they requested an absentee ballot and that if they showed up at the polls, they'd have to vote provisionally and that their votes could be challenged. The problem: the recipients of the calls had not requested absentee ballots.


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