A Peak At The First 100 Hours Of The 110th Congress

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Incoming Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, has a legislative agenda for the first 100 hours of democratic rule in the next congress. Many of the proposals sounds straight forward and I will look at each in depth over the coming weeks leading to the start of the 110th Congress. In no particular order, here's her agenda:

  • "We will start by cleaning up Congress, breaking the link between lobbyists and legislation and commit to pay-as-you-go, no new deficit spending.
  • "We will make our nation safer and we will begin by implementing the recommendations of the independent, bipartisan 9/11 Commission.
  • "We will make our economy fairer, and we will begin by raising the minimum wage. We will not pass a pay raise for Congress until there is an increase in the minimum wage.
  • "We will make health care more affordable for all Americans, and we will begin by fixing the Medicare prescription drug program, putting seniors first by negotiating lower drug prices. We will also promote stem cell research to offer real hope to the millions of American families who suffer from devastating diseases.
  • "We will broaden college opportunity, and we will begin by cutting interest rates for student loans in half.
  • "We will energize America by achieving energy independence, and we will begin by rolling back the multi-billion dollar subsidies for Big Oil.
  • "[and,] We will guarantee a dignified retirement, and we will begin by fighting any attempt to privatize Social Security."

By contrast, she couples these initiatives with examples of what transpires in a typical 100 hours in America today. Here are a couple of choice samples:

  • In 100 hours, a minimum wage worker working 8 hours a day will earn $171.67.
  • In 100 hours, the top five oil companies will take in $4.3 billion in profits.


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