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It would appear that the United States is not the only member of the coalition in Iraq that is there for the oil. Australia's defense minister, Brendan Nelson, let it slip that Australia's motivation for continued involvement in Iraq is a result of a desire to maintain "resource security".

A BBC report on the defense minister's lip was quickly addressed by the Australian Prime Minister John Howard's office saying that such an interpretation of the minister's comments was "stretching it a bit".

The most recent round of American funding for the Iraq War included provisions that require the Iraqi government pass legislation allowing foreign interests into Iraq's oil fields on long-term leases.

There is some honest debate as to whether the defense minister's comments are meant to convey Australia's reasons for getting involved in the first place or its reasons for remaining involved (i.e., leaving Iraq unstable would drive up oil prices.) I have to say though, that even if it is the latter, it's a poor reason to perpetuate the intolerable suffering innocent Iraqi's are subjected to in a drive to push out westerners.

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