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Back in May, Senator Chuck Hagel expressed dismay at the course the Republican Party has taken and said he was considering an Independent Bid for the presidency. During his statement he made mention of Michael Bloomberg and expressed the possibility of a joint ticket. Yesterday, Michael Bloomberg officially dropped out of the Republican party and opened the door to a possible independent or third party bid. Could we be looking at the birth of a new national party?

Bloomberg, when asked if he was running for president said he has no plans as he plans on being major of New York for another 926 days, well into the next presidential term. But one has to wonder, given the meetings between Hagel and Bloomberg, if there isn't more going on.

The question is, can Bloomberg actually win or will he be another Ross Perot who will simply give the presidency to the democrats by splitting the republican party. Bloomberg was a democrat until 2001 when he switched to the Republican party for his mayoral run. He may be happy with either result, I guess.

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